a Wonderful Weekend…

Happy Mother’s day to all you hardworking moms and to all you who want so much to be a mom! There is no greater purpose in life than to help mold and shape the character of little people who are the future of our world. 

We had a great weekend (warning: this is a really long post!). Anthony got off work early Friday so we went for a hike through the woods near our home. We saw lots of butterflies and little frogs. The boys love being outdoors and hiking is one of their favorite things. The last picture (bottom right) makes me laugh. Joshua is potty trained now but refuses to #2 on the toilet. I gave him some prunes so that he would have no choice, but then we spontaneously decided to go hiking. So…on the way back he had an accident…Anthony got a stick and strung his clothes on them so he could carry them back to the car. He looked like a little hobo, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Saturday was our stake temple day so we took turns doing ordinances. It was awesome. I love the temple! I took this picture of the Louisville temple last year. You are welcome to download it for personal use.

After the temple we drove downtown. Joshua really wanted to go over the bridge and was so excited so we drove across to humor him. They have these beautiful murals on the Jeffersontown side. Our next destination was the Louisville Science Center, but apparently they have a box at the derby because it was closed. But fortunately right across the street was the Louisville Slugger Museum which we’ve been wanting to go to ever since we moved here. So we headed on over and had such a fun time! We really lucked out too- they let Anthony in free because he’s military, the boys were all free and I was only $6! We went on the factory tour which was actually quite fascinating and we each received a little bat at the end. The boys had fun in the museum and especially in the little kids area where they could hit a ball off the tee. Anthony and I had fun in the real batting cages too (my arms were sore this morning- my first time hitting fast pitch!). We really had a great time and the boys enjoyed every minute of it. The lady in the batting cages brought us another three bats for the boys which had the emblem of the Lousiville Bats on it. So 8 bats in all, four rounds of batting cages, a museum, movie, factory tour, fun for the kids and all for only $10. I highly recommend it, especially for military families. You can see in the picture below just how tall the bat outside the museum is, pretty impressive. And yes, I forgot my camera again, all these pics are with my iPhone…

I’ve been wanting to take the boys on the mile skywalk system that goes through downtown for a while so we decided to do it after the museum. I have never been in a downtown area so deserted on a Saturday before (I guess the infield for Derby must have been pretty packed).  The boys love running through the skywalk tunnels though and looking down on the street below. We went to the end by the Galt House Hotel and saw the handprints of the Derby winners. Then walked down to the river. It’s kind of hard to see but I took a picture of what was part of the waterfront a few weeks ago but is now covered with mud and tree limbs. We walked down to Joe’s Crab Shack where we had a yummy dinner. I ate ribs while the boys enjoyed their lobster bucket (I even tried some and didn’t hate it). Came home, put the boys to bed and read a good book with my husband. It was a great day. We’re going to miss Louisville, it was kind of sad to think these are our last few months here!
Then my sweet boys and husband gave me this cute little card, a lovely dress from one of my favorite modest clothing companies Mikarose  (my other favorite is Shabby Apple) and lots of hugs and kisses. I love my family!


2 thoughts on “a Wonderful Weekend…”

  1. Wow. What a full day!!! And your husband “was” planning on being gone and none of that would have happened???? Wow. (:
    Yes, the Derby is a city holiday! (:
    I don't even know about the mile skywalk???
    Cute dress!

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