I eat, therefore I run

Saturday my husband and I ran in the Derby marathon. I ran the 1/2 marathon and he ran the full. He was kind enough to run slow with me for the first eight miles and (then managed to complete the last 18 miles in about the same time as it took me to run the first eight).

I did manage to beat my time from January by 10 minutes to 2:45. I was happy because the longest training run I did was 6 miles (it gets a little boring running that long on the treadmill).

The first 4 miles are the hardest for me. Once I get past that I feel like I could pretty much go forever but that first stretch is sheer torture. I was asking myself why on earth am I doing this for a third time? Then I remembered… oh yes, it’s because I love to eat things like this and this and especially this. Running when you’re thirty is no longer just a fun thing to do, it’s a necessity.

I even managed to sign myself up for a full marathon this fall. They said it’s all downhill. I hope so. I didn’t realize at the time though that I would have to be training in the summer. In Kentucky. Where it’s HOT and HUMID. This is going to be so much fun…

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1 thought on “I eat, therefore I run”

  1. Good job!!! I've been thinking I need to step up my excersising too since I love to eat and don't want to decrease that – so the other must increase!!! Good luck with the training for a marathon – yea- KY summers. . . not ideal!!!

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