This week so far…

I made this yummy Lemon Chicken Picatta for dinner. It was delicious.
Joshua the builder hard at work…

Poor little baby got pink eye…one dose of the eye drops though and he’s good as new

And Ethan with his favorite books- the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. Why Ethan love them: Jack and Annie go on adventures through the magic tree house to different times and places. Why mommy loves them: they mix fact with fiction so he remembers people and places he might not normally pay attention to- like Leonardo DaVinci, Shah Jahan, and Basho the Japanese poet. He even wrote his own haiku after reading the Dragon of the Red Dawn, based on our Saturday adventure
Wild turkeys walking
Riding bikes along the trail
Seeing the green pond


2 thoughts on “This week so far…”

  1. I am not sure how I would function with out a library. We go once a week, and Ethan is begging for new books by library day, he is really into Nate the Great, he likes mistery books, and the are “age ok” but way to easy for him to read, he's got the book done by the time we get home from the library! and we are only 5-8 minutes away! (they are 2-3 grade chapeter books) Anyway- I will have to check these out. I need to do more research on kids chapter books

  2. Related to Mary Pope Osborne? (:
    Do you recommend any one over the others in the series to start with? We haven't ready any – but sounds good. Thanks for sharing. You are a good mom!!!!

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