Born to run

Yesterday evening we went to the riverfront park in Brandenburg to ride bikes. The water levels were really high and the parking lots all flooded out. It was interesting to see the amphitheater and bridge submerged. Anyway…we rode on the trail which is about 2 1/2 miles long and beautiful (we always see animals like deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, etc…) As we started to head back Ethan said he wanted to run and started running. I was walking my bike so not to leave him behind and instead he left me in the dust. He ran an entire mile without stopping! Then he stopped for a minute and started running again. He ran the entire 2 1/2 miles back. It was pretty impressive for a 4 year old.

At one of our little rest stops he said to Anthony “you need to raise me for lots of stuff” we first thought he said “race me” but he clarified by saying “you need to raise me for running and mountain climbing and adventuring!” Then added “and to be an artist”. We asked if there was anything else and he said he would make us a list when he got older… Four is definitely my favorite age so far!

This afternoon it was beautiful and sunny so I walked while the boys rode their bikes to the little nature preserve by our house and had a picnic. The boys love reading all the signs and running around on the trails. Ethan kept asking questions about what different animals looked like and it was so nice to have my iPhone to look everything up and show him pictures. I think it is my favorite homeschool tool yet! And this is where I said “no more vegetables until you eat your sandwich!” I guess I should be more grateful that they love veggies so much…