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Time out for Women

Friday and Saturday I attended Time out for Women in Nashville with some great friends. It was wonderful, like always. Got to do some shopping, eat yummy food at cheesecake factory and be spiritually uplifted (all without any little distractions!) I did bring my camera but was too lazy to actually carry it around so all you get is a phone picture of the capitol and War Memorial…and three of the super fun ladies who came with me!

He looks so sweet and innocent…
Don’t be fooled…
(and yes, we were ready to catch him)
And my picture today- I got to photograph this sweet little baby– less than 6 pounds! All my hats were way too big though, guess I better make some premie sizes…

3 thoughts on “Time out for Women”

  1. I lived in the Nashville area for almost 30 years. I was a little home sick to se the War Memorial in your picture. Hope you guys had fun.

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