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Almost Friday!

I LOVE the weekend. This weekend in particular- I’ll be going to Time out for Women in Nashville! So excited. So my strange and random pics for the last few days (sorry for the low quality lately- I’ve been using my phone- too heavy to carry my camera around all day…)
Tuesday: Joshua loves to feed Grant- he grabs his high chair, pulls it over to him, takes away his food and feeds him…such a big helper!

Wednesday, I made a big batch of this yummy black bean salad/cowboy caviar and Grant downed three bowlfulls! Guess he’s a fan…
Thursday: Joshua loves to build- while I was helping Ethan with his math, Joshua was very intently building with the Math U See blocks. Notice anything wrong with the second picture? What a silly boy… 
When Ethan was done with his math work he started writing something in the front of his math book-
I hope he is always this confident in his math abilities!

The Osborne’s


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