Birthday Boys!

Anthony’s birthday was on Tuesday and Joshua’s was Wednesday, so we have been in party mode! I can’t believe my Joshua is already three! He is growing up so fast. He is becoming Mr. Independent and whenever I try to help him with something says “I can do it myself!” in his high pitched little boy voice. He constantly makes us laugh with the silly things he does. We love you Joshua!

Joshua wanted an M&M cake for his birthday and since my cake decorating skills are practially nil, it was perfect. Ethan helped put the m&ms on and probably made his lines straighter than I did. It was a white confetti cake with yummy buttercream frosting- get the recipe here!

Ah, the presents. This is probably the first time I have not pre ordered a birthday gift. I could not figure out what to get this child. He loves to build things but he already has 4 building sets, loves trains but already has a huge train set, I seriously could not think of a single thing he needed or was terribly interested in. I dragged all three kids to probably 5 stores last week looking for ideas and I cannot believe how many dumb mindless toys there are! There are lots of great things for babies, but not much for the inbetween stage. I finally took him- on his birthday- as a desparate last minute attempt to find something. We went to Target (should have gone there first- they have the best selection of quality toys) and let him choose from 4 things and he chose a little people zoo set. Then we went to their favorite place- Barnes & Noble and got him a few books. Who knew shopping for a 3 year old could be so hard???

Baby Grant providing the party entertainment- pulling up his shirt and saying “belly button!”
Ethan providing the after party show! I got him some earplugs because he’s had earaches the last few times after swimming lessons and I got the adult size rather than child size…but that didn’t stop him from trying them on… This better be the only time in your life that you look this ridiculous!
And last, a video to share- Joshua loves to identify the apostles- I laminate the conference Ensign edition and he carries it around the house saying their names. It only took him 3 or 4 times of hearing their names before he remembered them all- you just have to speak “toddler” to understand him 😉

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