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Moving…again…at Christmas…

I started to get all excited about Christmas… since all our holiday things got ruined in the flood I get to start from scratch this year. So I had my sister make me a bunch of vinyl to decorate ornaments and this fun charger. But my holiday cheer was dampened by a call from the owner of our house informing us he was going through bankruptcy and could not get financing to keep the house. Meaning, we have to be out by January…
 I am so going to miss this house! Yes, it took some adjusting to living in half the space since the basement got flooded out, and the water pressure issue took months to resolve… BUT the backyard was amazing and the playroom enormous. Not much else matters when you have three boys! I’m totally going to miss this setup! I know we won’t find a yard like this that’s fenced with a massive playset already installed, but hopefully we can still have a big playroom…Wish me luck! I won’t be doing many updates for the next few months and won’t be sending out cards until we get a new address- so hope they’re not too late! If YOU have moved this last year- be sure to email me your new address so I can send you a card once WE move!

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