Photo Tip: 5 minute photoshoot

I needed to update our photos of the boys and realized I didn’t have any current portraits of Joshua. He’s two, which means every time I pick up the camera he runs. If I do manage to snap a shot it’s of him running or looking away which somehow doesn’t look very flattering hanging on your wall.

So thought maybe some of you might need pics to send family for the holidays- here’s a photo tip: grab your camera and a bag of fruit snacks or smarties or whatever non-messy treat they like. Give them one treat after they put their clothes on, another one when you get to a nice well-lit area out of direct sunlight, and just start talking to them about something they like (in Joshua’s case- trains).

Start snapping as you talk and ask questions or get them to say keywords “daddy wears diapers!” “I love Thomas!” “crazy mommy!” You want them to look natural and relaxed not stiff and posed. Always position their body at an angle never facing straight towards the camera and stand slightly above, never below them. If they don’t know what to do with their hands and look uncomfortable, just have them either fold their arms or put their thumbs in their pockets. Toddlers move so fast that you have to keep snapping or you’ll get their eyes closed or turned away, they may be a bit off focus but it’s better than nothing. When they start to get distracted bribe them with candy.

It really only takes 5 minutes! These image are unedited, with a little cropping and retouching the scratches on his face, they’ll look great. Give it a try!


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