We had the opportunity to go with Anthony back to Charlottesville, VA last week. We lived there for 4 months after Ethan was born and have been back several times. It’s such a beautiful area and I love going every chance I get. Especially this time of year- the leaves are spectacular and the weather beautiful. I took the boys up to the apple orchard next to Monticello, the views are fabulous and the apple cider donuts divine. They have a new discovery museum at Monticello designed just for kids. They have replicas of Thomas Jefferson’s bed, polygraph, desk and other items he had in his home and the kids can touch and climb on anything they want. They played for hours with the architectural blocks (guess that will be their Christmas present this year!) We didn’t have much free time in the evenings but our last day we decided we couldn’t pass up the chance to go to DC one more time. It was a rainy day and the boys had so much fun splashing in the puddles and getting soaked. We saw the monuments, took Joshua to see his middle name sake (Lincoln). Anyone who’s been to DC knows the squirrels are as friendly as dogs, they will eat right out of your hand, the boys had fun chasing them around. And last but not least, one of our favorite places, National Cathedral. It was a long drive, but we love Virginia and can’t wait to go back again.


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