Chattanooga, TN

We spent a fabulous weekend in Chattanooga. We started out at the Incline Railway. The boys had been looking forward to riding the train. I was surprised how steep it actually was, pretty amazing. The views from Lookout Mountain are breathtaking. You can see for miles.

From there we walked over through the Military Park and learned about the civil war battles that took place there. It’s amazing they were able to scale up that mountain with all their gear- it’s pretty much straight up and rocky. It is such a beautiful area. We got the boys union & confederate hats so they can reinact civil war battles with their pop guns 😉

Next we went to Ruby Falls. Again, I was not prepared for how awesome it would be. We didn’t read much about it before we went, just figured it would be another waterfall. Not only did we go down 160 feet on the elevator to the entrance of the cave and then walked for about 30 minutes through the cave to get to the waterfall. The story about the discovery is really amazing. The falls are quite impressive- located 1,120 ft below the surface.

The next day we were supposed to meet friends and tour Rock City together, unfortunately one of their kids got sick so we went alone (sorry we didn’t get to see you guys!) Rock City is beautiful. We have driven by the signs probably half a dozen times but never stopped before. It was well worth it. You can see seven states from the top and the rock formations throughout the park are spectacular.  We watched a show about birds of prey and got to see hawks, owls, vultures and an eagle up close. They have a crazy swinging bridge which I had to build up the courage to walk across, a little underground mother goose village with dioramas of all the major fairy tales and little gnomes swinging all over the place. The weather was absolutely perfect and the park was so beautiful. We ate lunch at the top of the rock where a bluegrass band played and sang, they were truly authentic- I’ve never seen or heard anything quite like it. It was such a fun place. Then we drove around downtown Chattanooga, saw the riverfront. There was a hill at the riverfront park and they were doing something I’ve never seen done before- sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes. I’ve seen ice blocking, skimming and sledding, but never cardboarding… Lastly we saw the historic Chattanooga  Choo Choo. The boys enjoyed seeing another train and are already asking to go back to “chagganooga”.


3 thoughts on “Chattanooga, TN”

  1. Isn't one of those places have a spot called “Lovers Leap” ????That's where I got engaged! (: On a trip back from Georgia. (: At Rock City maybe? I should remember huh?! (: I will have to go back and look at pictures. (:
    Looks like a fun trip! And it WAS great weather!!!

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