Another good read…

My friend loaned me this fictional book series about an Amish girl, and I thought it would be a fun read, but she did not prepare me for how good it really would be! Just more proof that you cannot judge a book by the cover (or the title).  I was hooked from the beginning and read the first book in two days and the next two in two days. It really is a heart wrencher and tear jerker as well as interesting to learn more about the Amish beliefs and lifestyle (especially since in Kentucky we see them driving their buggy’s down the road and shopping at walmart). I highly recommend it. Cindy Woodsmall, When the Heart Cries is the first book, the series is called Sisters of the Quilt.

P.S. Make sure you have something to entertain the children and a few frozen dinners on hand because you will be neglecting everything until you’re finished with all three books.

P.S.S. Thanks to all who recommended Hunger Games, it took me a while to get into it, but towards the end I couldn’t put it down and am looking forward to reading the second book.


5 thoughts on “Another good read…”

  1. I didn't warn you because I thought maybe it was just me and I didn't want to talk them up to much. (: I figured better I say less and you love than to go on and on about how I loved them and then you expect something and it doesn't deliver. (: I don't know how I wanted the end to end . .. I think I was okay with either choice EXCEPT I wanted them all to have all the information!!! TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!! To stop making choices and decisions with only 1/2 the information – I'm so glad they finally got to talk and share their side!!! (:

  2. So I'm outing myself as a lurker on your blog. But I have to tell you I read the book you suggested (Sisters of the Quilt) and I loved it! I've since read more by that author. Thanks for the recommendation.

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