6 1/2 boys, 2 moms

I’ve been slacking in bloggerland- too much time in the real world 😉  We spent Memorial Day weekend in Cincinnati and then took the boys to Entertrainment Junction- they were in heaven! Our good friends from law school live near Dayton so they drove down and their three boys and our three boys had a ton of fun running around. They had so much fun that we decided to be brave and combine forces while our husbands were out of town. I took the boys up there and we spent a great week with all six boys (and a 7th on the way- not me, her!)

There are so many fun places for kids in the area. We of course had to go to the train place again, we also went to a fun little farm and a children’s museum. It was so cute Ethan and Aaron are 6 months apart and they kept hugging and saying “you’re my best friend”. They had a ton of fun and I got lots of great cooking and craft ideas. It’s so nice having creative friends!



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