Wow, it’s been a crazy week since we’ve been back. Trying to dry out our basement, document everything that was damaged and work on getting it all out of the basement. Still need to get it all hauled away and still drying out, but at least there’s hope in sight.

We had a wonderful time going back home to Utah. It’s been almost 4 years since we last visited and during that time we went from one baby to three babies. We drove out since our last flying with children experience was not fun at all. The boys travel really well, we did it in two days. Anthony is working on the 50 U.S. high points so we hit Nebraska on the way out and Kansas on the way back. There was a herd of bison at the Nebraska high point and the wind in both NE & KS was strong enough to knock a person over.

It was so wonderful spending time with family and friends again. It was also neat to see some of the new temples. From a park near Anthony’s parent’s house we could see the Draper, Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain temples. It was also neat walking around temple square. We were marred in the SL temple 10 years ago next month. I took a few pics to hang in our home. The boys drank water from the fountains, Ethan threw up on the way home and Joshua just after we got home. Nice.

Ethan has asked every day since we’ve been home if he can go to Grandma & Granpda’s and if he can play with his cousins. Now that he knows we can get there by car, he says “we can just drive there”. And, hey, if I had a chauffer I’d go back in a second, well actually we’d have to wait until it warmed up, this snow in May stuff is insane!

Anthony did really well in the ironman. He finished in around 14 1/2 hours and wasn’t as tired and sore as we expected him to be. He’s already talking about his next one, crazy man!

Now I’m busy trying to get things cleaned up around here, taking a photography workshop and trying not to go crazy without my treadmill and with 1/3 of our house off limits!


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