Time out

I went to Time Out for Women again this year in Indianapolis, so wonderful! It wasn’t completely an escape for me since I had to bring Grant, but I had lots of help (it is NOT a stroller friendly city so we all got a great workout lifting my massive stroller up and down stairs). I wasn’t quite as captivated this year as last, but again, had a little distraction with me, but it was still wonderful to hear these speakers and the major trials they have overcome in their life and really helps put your own life in perspective.

It makes me realize I have absolutely nothing to complain about. My biggest concerns in life right now are trying to make myself get up early to exercise and deciding what to make for dinner. Makes me feel pretty pathetic for complaining about things when I hear from women who have had their eyes and breasts removed because of cancer. I love getting away for the weekend, staying up way too late, spending way too much money on clothes and having my spiritual tank refueled.

It was funny- when I got back I was cuddling with Ethan and telling him I’m sorry for not being as patient with him as I should be and he said “you need to study the scriptures, then you can be nice”. I wasn’t quite sure where he got that from, but the next day I was trying to get him to buckle his car seat and he wasn’t listening so I was getting annoyed, he said again “you need to study the scriptures then you won’t be frustrated!” Getting lecured by my three year old…


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