Staying sane…

I hate doing dishes. I love to cook, but I absolutely hate the cleanup. I sometimes run the dishwasher three times in a day because I despise washing dishes by hand. I hate wrinkly hands, it makes my nails soft, I hate touching yucky food- (they don’t believe in garbage disposals in Kentucky)…BUT…Since Anthony started defense he’s been so much busier and is rarely home for dinner, which is usually my wind-down time. Without that I start to get a little crazy (ok a lot crazy!) I discovered that I could watch BYU tv scripture discussions and started listening to those, then discovered the Family Expo programs and they were right about the time I like to prepare dinner, so I started watching them. Then I got a really crazy idea that I should try to wind down by washing dishes by hand after dinner. I could send the boys out to play and just quiet my mind and watch some of the great programs while unwinding for the day.

I’ve done it for 3 weeks now and I actually kind of enjoy it. Of course I don’t do it on the weekends and sometimes still cheat and use the dishwasher, but it really has helped me not only to feel more connected to the “human” world but feel a little more peace in my life. And I’ve recently discovered that I don’t have to watch all the boring programs while waiting for the one I want- I can watch any of the programs for the last 2 weeks or so by clicking on it- and all this time I thought it was live tv 😉  I even got to watch a few of my friend Tresa’s husband’s aunt- The Food Nanny – awesome ideas, I think I might have to try it. Who would have thought anything good could come from doing dishes?


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