Happy Easter

A few days ago I took the boys on an egg hunt and the Easter Bunny was there. I was really surprised by Joshua’s reaction- he was so excited he fell flat on his face while running to hug him. He kept giving the bunny big hugs, would come back to me, jump up and down and then go hug him again. He kept lifting up his arms asking the bunny to pick him up. It was so funny how excited he was. We had a nice quiet Easter, it was fun to stay home all weekend, watch conference and just be together as a family.


3 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Brinlee wants to hug the Easter Bunny too:) She said he's so cozy and she wants to hold him. I think she just wants him to give her more gifts:)
    Super cute pictures. I love the red background. Is that in your studio?

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