Strawberry Owl Designs!

Remember that beautiful apron I posted a few weeks ago? Well I had to find a way to repay my fabulous friend- so I designed a website for her! Check out Strawberry Owl Designs and become a follower to see some BEAUTIFUL creations! If I had a little girl I would be buying this adorable dress! Joshua used his little hoody towel she made up until just a few months ago- they are so cute. And I am dying to get some of the felt food- it’s so fun!

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Owl Designs!”

  1. You are too kind:) Thanks for the compliments. You did such a cute job on my logo and layout. I've been passing a few of my business cards out and people love them! I gotta say it makes me feel super cool to have them:) Thanks again for everthing! Your design skills are amazing.

  2. Hi I'm Amber's friend and love what you did with her design! You're really talented 🙂 How much do you charge for a design?

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