Food Revolution

Did anyone watch Jamie Oliver last night? I know American’s eat bad, but I was completely shocked by the class of 6 year olds that couldn’t identify a single vegetable. Not even a tomato or a potato! And I don’t blame the schools- where are these kids’ parents that they are not providing vegetables for them??? Ever??? It helped me resolve to be even more diligent at providing healthy choices for my kids. I think we eat pretty healthy, Ethan used to say his favorite food was “vegetables” but now it’s “mac & cheese”…guess I’ve gotten lazy for lunch…

There are lots of vegetables I don’t care for that I don’t often prepare for my kids. I give them some things that Anthony likes but I don’t, like pickles, but I just don’t think to buy olives and mushrooms because I have never eaten them. I was such a picky eater growing up and have realized that liking food is all about the way it’s prepared. I enjoy so many foods now that I hated growing up, just by learning to prepare them differently.

So I’ve recommitted myself to exposing my boys to all types of vegetables and even making myself try some that I haven’t eaten in years. My goal is to NOT raise picky eaters like I was. I’ve already got quite a good variety of healthy (ok and some not so healthy… balance is good right?- but I will try to lay off the sweets- after I try a few new recipes! Besides if I add whole wheat it’s ok right???) ANYWAY if you want some yummy, healthy and of course easy to prepare meal ideas keep checking my food blog http://www.ldsbaker.blogspot.com/


1 thought on “Food Revolution”

  1. No black olives??? Those were a childhood favorite of mine – black fingers and then you EAT THEM!!! My kids love to do that too! (:
    I didn't see that show – but my sister in law was telling me just today of something she saw on TV – wonder if it's the same show . . . B still says her favorite food is Spinach – she makes me proud! Ak – she's the mac and cheese girl! (: My brother says something like: “Eating good healthy food is better than avoiding bad unhealthy food.” Does that make sense? (: You are doing a great job with your kids!

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