who needs girls anyway?

I always wanted to have a daughter to dress up in adorable little outfits, share shoes with, get pedicures with…Three boys later I’m thinking it’s not so bad to have all boys. No wedding to pay for, no fighting over clothes or shoes (so I thought)… But as it turns out you don’t have to have girls to fight over shoes…
I never thought I’d have to yell at my sons to stop stealing my shoes. The one on the right is Ethan at two years old, the love of shoes must be genetic. Don’t worry boys, I’m saving these pictures to show your first date… But seriously, you HAVE to stay out of my makeup…

2 thoughts on “who needs girls anyway?”

  1. Ha ha! Adam loves trying on my shoes too, and I'm always telling him that boys don't wear makeup! : ) It's only natural, when they spend most of their time with us.

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