my little monster

Anthony got this wry baby monster robe for Joshua this Christmas. I think it’s the most adorable thing, especially on my sweet little boy. Joshua is two years old but he is still such a baby and I love it.

He is so sweet, and still loves to snuggle and cuddle. He loves his blankie. If you want to cuddle, just get his blankie and he’ll snugle right into your neck. He has the deepest blue eyes and looks up at you and bats his long lashes as if to say “try and tell me no, I dare you”. And it is impossible to say no to such cuteness.

He never took a pacifier as a baby, instead he sucked on his tongue. We call it “air sucking” and he still does it (picture on right). I think it’s hilarious and he does it whenever he’s sleepy. He’s such a little angel and I’m sure going to miss him when he’s grown.


2 thoughts on “my little monster”

  1. Love it!!! So super cute. There is so many adorable things out there. If I had a boy you better believe he would be sportin the monster robe after bath time:)

  2. You have adorable boys. I am loving that cute fat grant. (my grant is also cute and fat :). I am going to try your bread recipe. I've tried three now and the last one worked better. Maybe yours will be the winner!

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