I think I’ve mentioned before how clumsy Joshua is. He literally falls and hits his head every single day. Yesterday was a bad one. We were at Barnes & Noble for storytime and he was sitting on those little benches that are really lightweight. It tipped over on him and his face crashed down into the bench next to him. It really is a miracle he hasn’t cut anything open yet, but it still hurts!

In other strange and random tidbits…Sunday when we were getting ready for church Ethan kept looking at my earrings. Finally he asked “do they protect you from mean predators?” Only my dinosaur obessed child would ask such a question 😉


2 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. AH! the little picture actually makes it look like stitches but when i clicked I can see it's not.

    Poor boy! 😦 I was clumsy when i was little too, my parents said I always hit my head on everything and I do have a few stitches to prove that lOL!

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