my new apron!

Isn’t this the most beautiful apron you’ve ever seen???  My incredibly talented friend Amber made this for me! And it’s even cuter on!

I absolutely love the fabric and the design is so adorable. Now when I answer the door rather than seeing me still in my pajamas they’ll think I’m wearing a fabulously stylish dress 😉


5 thoughts on “my new apron!”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! I have seen others make that apron before and I want it but I'm to cheep! The patter is Amy butler and cost about $12 bucks plus, i think four yards of fabric because I think it is reversable, so you are talking at least another $20 bucks in fabric plus my time, that is a price apron… but if I ever run out of projects to do, maybe I will fork over the money because it is soooo cute! or I will break down and buy one from esty. ENJOY IT!

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