Chinese New Year!

We had a Chinese New Year party last night! When we were in China (I can’t believe it’s been 6 years!) we bought all these fun dishes and things and planned on breaking them out everytime we had Chinese food. I think this is the second time we’ve used them 😉 I made some of the foods we ate while there, we listened to some Chinese music, made Chinese lanterns and dragons and the boys dressed up in the little Chinese outfits we bought while there long before we ever had kids (I still have a little girl dress that will probably never be worn). It was a ton of fun. We’re going to start a tradition of cultural theme nights, it’s fun to dress up, listen to music and eat different foods. You can view our Chinese recipes on my food blog.

4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year!”

  1. We've talked about having culture nights too! Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad you did it – sometimes we have these ideas that aren't that hard to do as long as we can get over the mental hurdle and just do them! Cool dishes!!! My parent's brought us all some clothes from China but I'm liking the authentic dishes!

  2. It actually only took 3 hours from start to finish since I used the same veggie mix for everything. I won't say how long it took to clean the kitchen afterwards though 😉 Sweet potato fries are the boys favorite- that and avocado. The easiest way we get veggies into them though is frozen peas- we put them in every hot dish- it cools them faster and they eat them like candy.

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