chunky monkey

I just love this little butterball!


4 thoughts on “chunky monkey”

  1. I love chunky babies!! There is more to squeeze:)
    To answer your question about the name on the picture I edited. It's very simple. I created a new text layer and had my text color white and then typed my name:) Simple enough right? The font I used was angelic war. I dowloaded it free from the internet. It came with the swirls,
    (the < key and the > key) is what made the swirl on the front of my name and the back. Try it out:)
    Oh, and no good cook should be without a cute apron;) let me know if you want one!

  2. You do such a great job with your blogs and the pictures are so darn adorable! You have the handsomeness boys around.

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