I’m kind of a recipe addict. I love trying new recipes, and I’m always trying new ones until I find one that actually works every time you make it. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours in the kitchen and not having the recipe turn out (I usually try my new recipes on dinner guests so if it turns out bad, I don’t have to eat it all by myself!)

So…I’m starting a food blog where I will post recipes that I’ve tried and that actually work and taste good! All important criteria. If you have recipes you’d like to share, please post a link to your blog site so we can all enjoy! (be sure to check out my link to Joann’s Recipes, I get a lot of great recipes from her) I’m doing a cooking class for our R.S. activity each month so I’ll be posting those recipes here as well, http://ldsbaker.blogspot.com/


2 thoughts on “Yummy!”

  1. Ok so first off, your boys are so cute. Grant is so adoreable! I love it. Secondly, I am so excited you started a food blog! I noticed you put your white chicken chili on there. YES! Ever since you made that for us when Noah was born it is my favorite soup! I have gotten my family AND Andy's family both addicted to it. We love it!

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