smarty pants

Ethan’s been reading small words since he was two, but now that he’s three he’s really starting to get the whole reading thing so I finally sat down and recorded him reading a few books. I print the books from and DLTK . We also got the your baby can read dvd’s a few months ago which he likes to watch in the car.
He loves doing homeschool and if you tell him something 2 or 3 times he’ll remember forever. He can locate almost all the u.s. states, knows the pledge of allegiance, the first 8 articles of faith, all the apostles, the planets, and is a pro on the computer- he loves and and he’s on a dinosaur kick so he can identify quite a few of them and will tell you random facts like “birds are pterosaurs”. He constantly amazes me with the things he picks up even when he’s running around the room like a wild monkey and I don’t think he even hears a word I’m saying.


1 thought on “smarty pants”

  1. Cari!! Wow! I'm feeling like a bad mother. My girls can't even remember what their owns names are half the time:) That is so cool!

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