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We had a great week in Orlando although the weather was crazy cold the first half of the week. The first day wasn’t too bad, we went to Animal Kingdom and were pleasantly surprised when we went on the safari. When we went last April it was ok but the animals were far away and hard to see, we figured it would be even worse since it was so cold, but they were all out and really close to us, there was a giraffe and rhino that were less than 3 feet away from us. It was awesome. The lines were so much shorter too and it was a really pleasant trip despite the cold. It’s so fun to see Ethan get so excited about seeing Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen.I ran my 5k on Friday morning. I was a bit nervous since I just had a baby and had bronchitis the last few weeks, but I finished in 40 minutes. Not much compared to what Anthony does all the time, but it was pretty good for me. Saturday the boys ran a 100 meter race, it was cold and rainy and they were crying at the end. Ethan did really well but kept looking back to see where Anthony and Joshua were. Anthony ran the full marathon then walked around the parks for another 4-5 hours that evening. We also got to see our good friend Tracey who did the goofy- half marathon and then full marathon the next day.

Of course just as we were getting ready to leave the weather turned beautiful again. But it was a fun trip. It’s fun to see the kids enjoy it more each year as they get older. Now it’s back to unpacking and getting settled into real life again…


4 thoughts on “Disney”

  1. What a fun trip. We loved our Disney trip too. It almost makes me want to go back when I look at your fun pictures. I'm totally impressed that you ran a 5k in 40 min. But, you never cease to amaze me with all that you can do.

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