Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! It’s always so fun to get everyone’s Christmas cards and see how families are growing and changing. We had a nice quiet Christmas here with just our family. The boys had fun opening their presents- Ethan of course tears right into it and starts jumping on all the bubble packaging while Joshua tears one tiny piece off at a time and places each piece on the table before tearing another piece off. Ethan & Joshua are obsessed with Thomas the Train and they each got a little portable track and trains from their cousins that they play with nonstop. They also got sleeping bags from their grandparents and Anthony and Ethan have already camped in the backyard twice. Anthony also got them the cutest little bathrobes, Joshua looks so adorable tromping around the house in it. I got some new photography gear and a new computer with a large screen so I can actually see the pictures when I’m editing them.

Grant is getting to be such a chunky monkey. My other boys were always below the 25th percentile for weight, not Grant. He’s in the 95th! This little chunker weighs 13.8 pounds and he’s only 2 months old. He’s already starting to outgrown 0-3 month clothes. It’s nice to finally have a baby with cute little fat rolls!

We’re still getting unpacked, it’s going to take me forever to get everything in it’s place, and even longer to take pictures, but I did manage to get a picture of the living room- the only room that’s 90% unpacked, and since we’re getting ready to go to Disney World I’m sure it will be July before I get any other pics posted. Anyway…here are all the pics from December…



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