It’s been a while. We’ve been busy getting our house ready to sell, trying to find a new place to rent and just enjoying our boys. Grant is still such a good baby, it’s been so much easier than I expected it would be. The boys are so good with him- Ethan loves to hold him and is always helping me. Joshua adores him and is always giving him kisses and if he cries he goes and gets his stuffed puppy dog and gives it to him. It’s so sweet. I’ve even managed to go grocery shopping with all three boys- twice. Anthony’s had a lot of time off work lately and we’ve had so much fun having him around. We spent Thanksgiving with Anthony’s second cousins who we discovered live just 3 hours away from us and had a lot of fun. I’ve been taking tons of pictures of the boys but keep forgetting to upload, so I put a few of my favorites below.
*Sorry I should clarify- we are just moving across town. We thought we were leaving next summer but we’re going to be here another year and a half (although it would be nice if we were going back to NH!) we’ve outgrown this house and a really nice couple put an offer on it so we couldn’t very well back out. We are still finalizing everything but should be closing mid-December. More later!


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  1. The pictures are so adorable! What a special family! We're wondering about this moving business, too. Are you staying in KY or moving somewhere else (like NH!)? Let us know! Love you guys! – The Andersons

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