Food storage analyzer

Last winter when we had the huge ice storm it was a wake up call for us to get our food storage and preparedness gear in order. We have most of our long term storage and 90-day supply but we always wonder if it’s enough, especially since most food storage calculators are based on adults rather than children. We don’t want to have overkill but we want to make sure we’ve got enough to meet our family’s needs. I just found out about Emergency Essentials new analyzer that helps with that. You plug in what you already have and what you anticipate buying in the near future and it lets you know how long your food storage will last your family (based on age and gender) and what nutritional value your food will give you so you can see what gaps need to be filled in. Check it out http://foodstorageanalyzer.com now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your storage options before the winter storms hit.


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