Happy Fall!

I love fall, it’s my favorite time of year. I love crisp coolness in the air and the leaves as they change. I love making fall desserts like apple crisp, pumpkin bars and sugar cookies. I really miss New Hampshire this time of year for the beautiful colors and the apple orchards. We don’t have any apple orchards but we do have a few pumpkin patches and we took the boys to pick their own pumpkins. They had so much fun running through the hay maze and playing on the pumpkin carts. Anthony found these mr potato head type eyes, nose & ears for halloween and the boys had fun decorating their pumpkins.

We spent the week in Columbus, OH and got to visit our good friends on the way home, the Toronto’s, who just moved a few hours from us. It was so fun to catch up with them and their 3 boys. It’s going to be a blast getting together with all 6 boys.

Our zoo has a Halloween party and since I’m not sure if I’ll be out of comission on Halloween or not (baby’s due on the 26th), we took the boys up to go trick-or-treating. As soon as they got into costume they started running around like wild things and were bouncing off the walls. I was surprised how much attention we got though, people kept stopping us all night long to say how cute they were and would yell and wave at thing 1 & 2 (of course I thought they were cute, but didn’t think we’d cause such a commotion). They had so much fun and Joshua actually kept his hat on the entire time. Kind of fun to celebrate Halloween all month long.


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