My angel…

I’ve always called him my angel because he never cried as a baby, slept through the night the first week and was just so easy to take care of. He turned into a whiner after he got teeth, but now he’s settling down and is a little angel again. This is absolutely my favorite stage. Although he’s really clingy and follows me around all day long like a little puppy, Joshua is so sweet and cuddly. He’s started carrying his blanket around the house and loves to just sit on my lap and cuddle. Ethan never liked to cuddle much, so I’m really enjoying this and constantly think about how I’ll miss him when he grows up…


2 thoughts on “My angel…”

  1. My second one was my cuddler too. JJ never had much use for snuggling until about a year ago – now he wants to have hugs and kisses and snuggle with me more than he ever did before and he is almost 8. Go figure.

  2. Joshua is so cute! Good luck with your next baby boy, are you so excited? Do you have your sister Sara's phone number? I have not been able to chat with her since she got home from her mission and got married because I lost her phone number! I hope she is doing alright!

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