new car

This is the last thing I ever thought I’d be blogging about…We realized after our last vacation to Asheville, that there was no way we’re going to be able to go to Orlando in January with three kids. I always dreaded having to get a minivan and thought somehow I would be able to get away with an suv as long as we didn’t have 4 kids. But our last trip was so crowded we realized it was time. My sister Sara came home from her mission and was looking for a car so I sold her mine.

We couldn’t find anything in Louisville so drove up to Cincinnati and found the perfect one- a Honda Odyssey with leather & dvd that seats 8 and is in brand new condition. I knew it would be more convenient and comfortable for our family but thought it would be a chore to drive. After driving it for two weeks, I absolutely love it. I never thought in a million years I’d not only be driving- but enjoying driving- a minivan. I guess I really am a mom.

The boys love the dvd and I like that I can change the movies up front rather than trying to reach behind me like before, and Ethan can’t reach Joshua- he used to poke him when he’d fall asleep and make the poor kid cry. And suprisingly it drives just like a car, I never even know I’m in a bus except when I have to back up.

(I was too lazy to get the car out of the garage for a picture, but this is the color)
And here are some random pics of the boys. I was playing around in my photo room last week and the little stinkers wouldn’t cooperate, but I did manage to get one good shot of them both. It’s hard to believe Ethan’s going to be three in less than 3 months. Joshua’s almost 17 months old now but he’s still such a baby. I’m hoping he’ll get a bit more grown up before this new baby comes…

4 thoughts on “new car”

  1. Welcome to the Club of Moms who love to drive their Minivans! Yea! I'm so glad you like it. I will drive mine until it can drive no more!

    The pics are great too. Which reminds me….would you still be willing to do a family shoot for us? Mark is on leave the week of August 17th & then he leaves for OCS August 28th. Let me know.

  2. I've heard that minivans are awesome. I have considered looking into them because one day we will have a 3rd kid, but I can't seem to get Wes on board with it.
    Anyway, congrats on the new car!

  3. YEA!!!! we love love love our oddessy!!! when we had the accident we thought about getting something else, but actually it only made us even more glad we got the van we did and would have nothing else. my favorite thing too is that is drives like a car, (since we are little) that is a great thing! We have taken ours all over Utah, Nebraska, and Ohio, in the fall we are heading to Pa, and Fl in the winter. The think is the BEST on trips. you will just LOVE IT!!!! that is funny about the kids. My kids hate the camera, Ryan is still ok, and Aaron will if HE wants to, but Ethan no way!! he will run when he sees my camera. We will need to make plans to get together maybe in the spring after you are getting into having that third kid around. Joy!!! Hey my third was the BEST!!! in fact I'm scared to have another he was soooo good!

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