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Disney World ’09

We just had a great vacation at Disney World with Anthony’s family. We drove down and camped for a few nights before his family arrived. The boys love camping and got as dirty as can be. Joshua kept digging in the fire pit and putting these round ball things that fell off the tree in his mouth. Two of the state parks we camped at had fresh water springs where you could swim with signs warning of alligators. Anthony and Ethan swam in one, it was pretty cold water. Joshua fell on our second day of camping, hit the picnic table and got a nice cut down the side of his face.

We hit the beach before heading to Orlando, just north of Daytona Beach. Ethan actually loved the water this time and drank so much that he threw up several times. This old man who was out fishing kept telling us Ethan was going to be a future Navy Seal. He was completely fearless until Anthony got out the raft and they got flipped over by a wave. They dug in the sand for hours, they loved it.

Friday we spent the day at Sea World, Ethan had been talking for weeks about going to Florida to “see Grandma Osborne, dolphins & penguins” so he was so excited to watch the dolphin show. We walked by just as they were feeding the dolphins and he was just inches from them as they jumped up to grab the fish. He had so much fun running from place to place seeing everything.

Saturday, Laura’s family arrived and we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. It was so fun to see them again and Ethan loved playing with Jackson. He was able to ride most of the rides there and was so excited to see Winnie the Pooh & Mickey Mouse.

The next week we spent going to the parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Magic again. Ethan loved Animal Kingdom- he loved seeing all the animals on the safari. The Everest ride was awesome. Grandma and Shauna watched the boys for me so I could go on some of the adult rides, I think I got to go on almost all of them. On our last day at Magic the guest relations people came up and asked us if we wanted to meet a “special guest” so we followed them in and got to meet Cinderella. She was the only one Ethan was afraid of, I guess since she was a real person.

We had so much fun spending time with family again and Ethan grew so attached to everyone. He keeps asking for Jackson and Uncle Scott and loves to look at the pictures from our trip and point out each person. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for arranging such a wonderful vacation!


6 thoughts on “Disney World ’09”

  1. Brave soul to go camping with little kids!!! I love to camp – but I guess my love must not be as great as others – because I’m scared to do it yet with my kids. (: Cool pictures – looks like a fun trip!

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