Catching up…

We’ve all been sick since the day after Joshua’s birthday. It has been a really long month. I got sick first then Ethan got the cold virus that’s been going around, passed it to Joshua who passed it to me again. Joshua’s also teething so our sweet angel baby has turned into a grumpy little thing who whines and cries all day long. I really hope when he’s done teething he’ll go back to his sweet little self.

Although it’s gotten cold again, we did have spring for a few days and our flowers have started to bloom. The tulips haven’t opened up just yet, but the hyacinths & daffodils have and they smell so wonderful. I can’t wait for spring be here for good!

Update on digital scrapbooking- I got my book finished and ordered and I absolutely love it! I cannot believe I waited so long to go digital. The book is almost 100 pages yet it’s only 1/2 inch thick compared to my book(s) from 2007 which are 4 1/2 inches thick each- and has broken the binding

because they’re so thick

and heavy. I had a coupon so the entire thing only cost $60, the crafty way usually costs $3-5 per page. So I compiled my top 10 reasons why I love digital, maybe it will help some who, like me, were on the fence or thought it was totally cheating and the anti-craft. I’m fully convinced, and have no regrets. So here’s my top 10:

10. I’m not stuck with the pathetic selection my Michael’s has, I can get cool free stuff online or create my own elements
9. I can scrapbook anytime anywhere and the only thing I have to lug around is my computer
8. I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars printing 4×6 photos
7. I can resize images easily and fit a ton more pics on one page
6. I can change my mind and easily edit anything at all

5. I can make extra books for my kids with a click of the mouse
4. It only cost 66 cents per page compared with $3.50 minimum for regular pages
3. I can put 100 pages in a single book that weighs less than 20 pounds and fits on my shelf
2. I don’t have to stress about being behind- it’s easy to stay caught up
1. I actually have a current finished scrapbook sitting on my table that I can look at!!!

And last, but not least. Fireproof. It’s been recommended by several people and we finally got it the other day. I heard it would be good but I wasn’t prepared for the floodgate of tears! You’ve gotta warn me next time! Anyway I highly recommend it. But keep the tissues nearby.

*btw, I used Inkubook to print my book- they are fabulous and the least expensive…

3 thoughts on “Catching up…”

  1. that is awesome – i will have to try that company – I have only used shutterfly but they can be pretty expensive. I am working on my China scrapbook now. I have to add another plus of digi scrapping – you can share your finished photobook online (at least you can with shutterfly) with anyone, anywhere!

  2. Okay, you have me curious about trying digital scrapbooking. Please share what software you use again and where you learned how to do it. I know you told me before and I forgot! I’ve read about it, seen sites w/clip art and all – I get so overwhelmed, then I give up! Any help would be appreciated! I just love all the work you do! Theresa – please email me!

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