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Jesus loves you…

The last few weeks Ethan has really started to absorb things. There gets a point in a two year old’s life when you wonder if anything you say is sinking in. I usually feel this way during family home evening. We use the nursery manual so the lesson is only about two minutes long but that entire two minutes he is pacing laps around the coffee table and jumping off the couch and I think why on earth do I even bother? Then out of the blue they say something that makes you wonder if some of it actually sinks in. A few weeks ago Ethan was walking upstairs to his room and out of the blue said to himself “Jesus loves you”.
Since then it seems he’s having an intellectual growth spurt. I tell him something once or twice and he remembers it. I showed him his right and left foot so he could put on his shoes and he still remembers. I play the children’s songbook on cd for him during the day and he’s started repeating the first article of faith and almost has the second down. He’s getting better with the computer and loves to play on The other day I showed him a picture of President Monson and told him his name was Thomas and he got very excited (he’s completely obsessed with Thomas the Train) then pointed to President Uchtdorf and said Percy! It feels like my efforts are finally paying off and my time trying to teach him things may actually be worthwhile!

4 thoughts on “Jesus loves you…”

  1. You are such an awesome mom. I could tell that the moment I met you. I am proud of you for doing FHE with your kids, even when they seem to hardly care. Ethan is going to grow up knowing the gospel and that Jesus really does love him. Way to GO!

  2. I'm so glad you shared this. Mark & I struggle with the same thing. Mostly with reading scriptures. Is ANYONE, any of you comprehending ANYTHING we're trying to teach you? I know it all sounds funny & unusual, but is anything seeping in?? & then one tiny thing will happen & you know, you just know. Motherhoods best moments come in small packages.

  3. Good for you! I think every parent struggles with this, but Bishop Runyan (remember him?) once said that they just kept plugging away on FHE for that every once in a while when the Spirit was there and they could point it out to their kids and they (the parents) felt like they (the kids) got it. So that is why they keep doing it. I repeat that to myself every Monday night 🙂

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