Kentucky Ice Storm

We got a nice ice storm on Tuesday and our electricity went out. Fortunately for Christmas we bought a propane heater and stove. We were really worried about our pipes freezing and breaking so we kept the faucets at a drip and I could not sleep because we kept hearing trees falling over about every 5 minutes in the woods across the street. It was a pretty cold few days, we thought it may take up to a week to get power back so we kept our heater on low (which kept the house a chilly 50 degrees) but we did cook some pretty yummy food on our stove.

Thursday the water finally stopped working and that was no fun. We have a bunch of water storage, but it’s just not the same. Our neighbors 5 houses down still had power so we went over there to warm up for a bit. They ran an extension cord over to our house so we could get on the internet and watch the news and just 15 minutes after we got it hooked up our power came back on. We celebrated prematurely though because it went off just a few minutes later. It flickered on and off for the next few hours but fortunately that evening it came on for good and has stayed on. The water came on too, so I quickly ran the dishwasher and washer and just as they finished the water ran out again. But we got water back last night, so things are starting to get back to normal now.

It’s amazing how much we take the simple conveniences for granted. It sure makes you appreciate how cozy your life really is when you have to go without for a few days. In a way it was kind of fun though because Anthony got the whole week off of work and we had nowhere to go and just huddled together as a family, played games and read books. I figured Anthony’s been bugging me about going winter camping- and this was better than camping since we got to sleep in our own bed and still use flushing toilets- so I consider this our winter camping trip for the year…it counts right? I tried ice skating on our driveway- it was a bit too bumpy to really skate though. Ethan had so much fun knocking the ice off of everything, he thought it was hilarious. We also discovered an easy way to mow the lawn, just kick the ice weeds and they break right off! It was a good learning experience and I’m glad we were prepared.


7 thoughts on “Kentucky Ice Storm”

  1. oh my goodness, I am sooo sorry you and your family had to go through that. Wow you look so stunning in your cute pink robe cooking… Well at least you were prepared, more then I would have been. But I have to say Thanks for the laugh, seeing you able to skate on your driveway… I was laughing so hard, you are such a trooper.. Hope things get better for you guys… Take care, we miss you, let us know when you come to Utah. I would love to see ya!

  2. Glad you guys survived! That’s exactly how it was out here when the hurricane came through, only I was without power for two weeks. It totally sucked, but you’re right, you really start to appreciate electricity!!

  3. Wow, good thing you were prepared. We had a tornado warning Tuesday night and I was thinking about all the stuff I need to get prepared. Glad yall are ok!

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