Merry Christmas!

Last night we had friends over for Christmas Eve. We had a delicious turkey dinner with fresh pumpkin pie. The kids did a very short nativity scene, sang happy birthday to Jesus and blew out candles, and ran around doing what toddlers do. Ethan and his little buddy Tyler are quite a pair when they get together, jumping off things and running around like wild things. Our good friends are moving this week, Ethan’s sure going to miss Ellie & Sophia who he’s played almost every week since we moved here.

Christmas morning we started the day with gingerbread pancakes and Stephen’s hot chocolate. Then the wild one woke up and was happy we finally said he could open presents. Ethan would open one present and just want to play with it and not open any other gifts. I don’t think we had them all open until after noon. It was nice though to just relax all day and enjoy playing with the boys. Ethan got two “choo choo’s” and carried one in each hand all day long. Joshua kept crawling towards the train and would try to grab it every time it came around the track. The boys really got spoiled with so many books and toys from their grandparents and cousins. We got several good books, games, and kitchen goodies (we’ll see how long my fingers last with my new chef’s knife!). My big gift this year (thanks to my Grandpa and a few birth announcement orders) were a pair of lights for my in-home studio so I can take pics even when it’s overcast. I also got a remote so I don’t have to run and trip over things whenever we want to take a family picture. Of course, Christmas is never quite the same without our family, but it’s nice to have good friends. Wish we were there, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! If you don’t have a copy of Joy to the World, go to http://www.mormon.org/ click Free Media and request a copy. It’s an awesome movie to watch this time of year to remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior.


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