My son is a cross-(shoe)-dresser…

So I think I’ve posted before about Ethan’s love for shoes. He loves to try on shoes (anyone’s but his own that is). He loves heels and the clomp clomp sound they make and is always getting into my closet and trying on shoe after shoe. As I was getting ready for church yesterday I heard him clomping around and caught him wearing these. He is such a silly boy…


3 thoughts on “My son is a cross-(shoe)-dresser…”

  1. Check out those legs! That is so funny. When Grace goes into my closet she is always trying to put my shoes on. Not nearly coordinated enough yet, though.So, what’s new in KY? For some reason, my blog won’t allow comments and I can’t figure out what changed. E-mail if you can merrill.mandy@yahoo.com

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