Ethan has developed a serious obsession for trains lately. The first thing he says when he wakes in the morning now is “choo-choo train”. He’s practically potty trained himself because I bought him Thomas the Train underwear. He loves to wear his “choo choo’s”. He still wets his pants sometimes when he can’t get them off fast enough, and I won’t put him to bed or take him in the car without pull-ups on, but during the day when we’re home he gets on and goes all by himself. It’s so nice not to have to change his dirty diapers anymore! So he’s getting all train paraphernalia for Christmas this year. The other night Anthony had late meetings but Ethan wanted to wait up for him, he sat on the couch kicking his feet and looking out the window. I was tired so I climbed into bed and went to sleep. Anthony woke me when he got home and I asked if Ethan was still up. He said he hadn’t seen him, we went in the living room and found Ethan asleep bent over the couch, his feet not even touching the floor. It was so cute.

Joshua finally has a tooth and is crawling all over the place. He’s still as happy and laid back as ever. He and Ethan have so much fun together laughing at one another. Here’s a few pics…


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