I spoke too soon…

The day after my last post Joshua started to crawl! Here are some pic’s of the little slow poke. I also had to share the pics of Ethan. He’s growing up so fast. The other morning I was in the shower and heard the toilet flush, I looked out and Ethan was going to the bathroom. Then when I got out I peeked in again and saw him brushing his teeth. Our baby is growing up!


1 thought on “I spoke too soon…”

  1. How in the world do you get your kid to potty train and brush his own teeth? Mine is older than him and she wants nothing to do with either activity. I’m going to start the potty training process again this week, but every time I try she sits there and then gets off and goes somewhere else. She seriously hates it, and brushing your own teeth, forget about it! You have to share your secrets!!

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