Leaves are falling all around…

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I love all the yellows and reds, going for walks in the crisp cool air, making apple crisp and pumpkin bars, it’s the best. I really miss New England this time of year, and although the colors aren’t as intense here, the colors have finally peaked and we managed to find some great foliage nearby.

Ethan had so much fun playing in the leaves, he would run through the leaves and laugh hysterically at the crunching sound. He’s starting to add “baby” to the end of his words, it’s so funny, for water he says “wababy”, help “helpbaby” open “opbaby”, you get the idea. Joshua is still rocking on all fours and he’ll launch off but lazy boy still doesn’t want to crawl. You’d think he’d want to move as fast as possible to avoid his big brother. Ethan injured him twice this week. We have a flashlight with a big rechargable battery pack on the bottom that Ethan likes to get out and play with, he dropped that on Joshua’s face. Poor baby had a huge bruise on his cheek. Then later threw a toy car at him and now he’s got a nice bump on his eyebrow. It won’t be long before baby will be big enough get his revenge 😉 Anyway, happy fall!


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