For Halloween Ethan was a lion, Joshua was a kangaroo, Anthony was Zorro and I was a witch. We went to the trunk-or-treat at the church and Ethan had fun running around. It’s been so warm, in the upper 70’s the boys were sweating in their costumes.

I normally would be ecstatic about having to turn on the a/c in November, but we are being invaded by ladybugs everytime it gets above 60. We have woods across the street so they fly from the trees over to our white house by the thousands. You can’t even walk on the front porch without being attacked. They’ve found a small gap in our front door and every time we come home we have to vacuum up a hundred or so that end up dead in the windowsills. It’s driving me crazy.

Saturday we went for a drive across the Ohio river into Indiana. We drove through a little one horse town and walked along the banks of the river and watched the barges. Ethan about had a heart attack when they blew their whistle. It was fun though to relax and enjoy the nice weather.


7 thoughts on “Halloween!”

  1. How fun. It looks so gorgeous there. I told Lyle we need to save our pennies and come visit you guys some day. You always have some little trip or place you guys go visit and it is always gorgeous. I love the costumes!

  2. Sorry about the tag thing, I am still around, I just haven’t been in the blogging mood. I guess (not you) but sometimes I just get sick of looking at how perfect everyone else is, or at least I feel like I’m the worst mom ever when I start looking at some peoples blogs. I guess I just decided that it was better for me to stay away for a while. It could just be the pregnancy thing, but I’ve been feeling very loserish lately. Anyway, just wanted to say sorry for not doing it. I hope that my attitude will change, but for now, I realize that it’s better for me to not get too into blogging. Anyway, you aren’t on that list, so don’t worry. I like checking yours out. I just hope I feel better after this baby is born!

  3. Oh, the lady bugs. One of the many things I will not miss about Kentucky:) You guys look great in your costumes. We didn’t even celebrate Halloween this year. We were getting our house hold goods that day. Oh well, mabe next year!

  4. Hi Cari!My computer crashed a month ago and I lost everything. I had to find your blog again through a neverending google search. Congratulations on your new business! It looks fantastic!Will you email me all your contact info? I need mailing address, phone number and emails. I’m trying to get this done soon so I’m all set for Christmas cards.Thanks! I’m at tresa at tresaedmunds dot com or tresa at reesedixon dot com.

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