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Anthony got back from a week of backpacking in Colorado and had a few days off for Columbus Day, so we took a trip up to Cincinnati. There’s a little historic German town just outside the city we stopped and walked around the glockenspiel and the little town square. Saw the bell and purple people bridge, then took Ethan to the aquarium. He really enjoyed seeing all the fish and getting to touch baby sting rays, crabs & sharks. He would have gone swimming with the sharks if he could, he kept trying to jump in. We had to stop at skyline chili but were a bit dissapointed… sorry Ohioans (and Texans), but we like beans with our chili… Anyway, the city is beautiful at night with all the bridges lit up. We had a picnic in between the two stadiums and played some frisbee.

And of course, no trip to Northern Kentucky would be complete without a stop at the GAP distribution center. While you really have to dig to find cute things, I did find a great pair of jeans and got the boys halloween costumes for $5 each. Can’t beat that. Anthony actually outshopped me. He spent more on himself than I spent on me and the boys. I’ve made him watch TLC’s “What Not to Wear” with me the last year or so and he’s started to become more aware of what he puts on his body, so now anytime I go shopping he loads up on stuff for him. I use to think I wanted him to like shopping now I don’t think I’m going to bring him along anymore- the more he buys the less I get to spend on myself! Anyway it was a really fun weekend and nice to spend time together as a family again.

Anthony’s sisters were having their annual sister retreat so they gave me a call and I got to talk to all of them while I shopped. I miss you all and wish I was there! Also my mom got married on Saturday- I wish I could have been there also but it was impossible for us to make it. Hope everything was perfect for you- have fun on your cruise! We sure miss all our family and are really sorry we can’t be there for all your important events!


3 thoughts on “Cincinnati”

  1. You guys are too fun. What Not to Wear is one of my favorite shows, but I can’t get Aaron to watch it with me. He might sit in the room, and even be looking at the t.v., but he’s certainly not watching it! : )

  2. What a fun trip… and I love the GAP!! what a great deal!!! Will likes the gap too, although he does not really get the whole clothes thing, he will wear whatever I think looks good on him, so that works.I do love that show, but the bad thing it always makes me want to go shopping for new clothes, and while I love to do that, I can’t as much as I would like, but don’t most girls feel that way? ha ha

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