Going digital!

I think I’ve finally made the plunge! I never wanted to do digital scrapbooking because #1) it kind of feels like cheating- there’s no hands on creativity involved #2) I am already so invested in real products and my other albums are paper #3) printing photobooks were pretty pricey
BUT…I finished all my pages for 2007 this weekend but it will take me 2-3 albums to fill- I actually broke the binding on my oversized album trying to fit half the pages in it. They just don’t make albums large enough! I was feeling a little discouraged- what’s the point of scrapbooking all these pages if I can’t even display them…then a light came on…

Digital pages take up much less room in an album, plus I can cram a ton more pictures on each page because I can resize them all. And I can save money on paper and embellishments because I can create them myself. I started to realize that the creative options were endless. I am usually so focused on creating a chronological documentary of our life I forget to take the time to make the fun creative layouts and journal the simple things. Plus since I already have a bunch of backgrounds I’ve created for my announcements, I can use those and when I make new elements I can use them for my business and scrapbook. Why has it taken me so long to connect the dots???

I seem to be doing lots of things I never wanted to do. Like stamping. I never ever ever wanted to get into stamps. They seemed too overwhelming and possibilities endless I just didn’t even want to start. But, Amber got me hooked and now I love them! Next think you know I’ll be quilting (something I never ever ever want to do)…

Anyway, I’m going to try to do all my layouts for 2008 digital and print them in a photobook and see if I like it as much as my paper albums. I think I’ll miss the 3d elements and hands-on, but since I am into cards and such now, I can still be creative that way. Anyone have recommendations on good (inexpensive) photobook printers? Thanks Sara for the extensive list of digi resources- I keep going to your blog to get more ideas (I LOVE shabby princess)! Here are my first two layouts…


5 thoughts on “Going digital!”

  1. The pages you made are awesome! I really need to start making an album so I can record our life story for future generations. How has life been as Primary Pres? Bishops wife? Mom of 2 boys? New business? You have a LOT going on!

  2. I have been facing the same dilemma. I am over 2 years behind & haven't even touched anything for the babies. Digital seems the way to go, but even Mark agrees it's cheating. So, I just don't know. But, your pages look great & if you have some great links, oh man, I would love it if you could share them with me too!! I have a ton too, but you can never have too many I say!

  3. I am so excited for you! It has been about a year since I started. I still do traditional too and still love it but you just can’t beat digi for time-saving and cheap. You can make your pages look 3D by using shadows too. My main computer is down right now so I haven’t been keeping up on the freebie front but when I get it working again I will be sure to let you know when I find cute stuff!

  4. TRADER!!!!! just kidding… I swear I will be the only “old school scrapbooker” left in the world all my friends are going digital I WONT DO IT!!! I love the paper, paints, and textures to much I love getting my hands messy and taking the raw materials and creating art. Yes, like everyone else I’m far behind, that is why I started blogging. I have pictures and updated journaling saved. My kids can keep growing and someday they will all be in school and then I will get “caught up” although I do make time for it now. And if I die, (lets hope not though ha ha) I have it all saved in my blog (which you can print to a book if you want) I do think it is cheating… a bit, but I guess it just depends on your goal, to get it done or enjoy the ride? I choose enjoy the ride!!! Ok- I’m done… now the world (that reads Cari’s blog) knows where I stand in the scrapbooking world ha ha they are cute pages though!

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