Balloon Festival

Last Saturday after our stake fall festival we took the boys to the hot air balloon festival in Louisville. Ethan got his first taste of cotton candy and ran around like a wild thing. But when the real fun began our chicken little didn’t have so much fun. As soon as they lit the torches he screamed like a baby and cried the whole time we looked at the balloons (Joshua fell asleep). Kind of reminds me of when we took him to the ocean, or on the train ride. He’s such a scaredy cat. The kid will climb up something three times his height and jump off on his head, but he hears a loud noise and screams and cries like a little baby…Oh well, we tried…

3 thoughts on “Balloon Festival”

  1. You guys are so adventurous! So what if Ethan doesn’t like loud noises. At least you know he won’t be one of those punks who drives around town with his music up way too loud, and as a result is hard of hearing by the time he’s 30. 😉

  2. The balloon festival looks like fun! I wish we had things like that around here that I knew about. Two more years, huh? That’s a long time for you to be at one duty station. I didn’t know Amber was going to leave so soon. I hope there are some fun new ladies moving near you. I miss Kentucky and all of my friends there…I was only there for a few months! Seems like it was longer than that.

  3. that looks sooo fun! Next time try ear plugs, have him “try them on the day before” and get him all excited about wearing them- this is what saved me at the Air show this year- give it a try! Ethan is still a baby when it comes to loud sounds and he is almost 5!

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