Fun in the Sun

We just got back from our trip to Florida, it was so much fun. We spent the week at a resort on Pompano Beach and despite the hurricane threat, we had gorgeous sunny weather the entire time. Ethan loved playing in the sand and the first day loved the ocean but the rest of the week he got scared of the waves and the salt in his eyes and mouth, and would scream and cry anytime Anthony or I tried to go swimming in the waves. He loved the kiddie pool though. We bought him some floaties and he pretty much spent every morning and every evening swimming. We weren’t able go scuba diving like we’d planned since the hurricane did affect the seas, but it was nice and relaxing. Plus we picked up the last Twilight series book and read it straight through. It was a little more cheesy than the others, but we still love them.
Ethan had two incidents- the first funny. At the airport waiting for our plane he made friends with an older gentleman who entertained him for an half hour or so and all the sudden he started pulling down his pants (we’re potty training) and flashed the entire row of people sitting there! The second wasn’t quite as funny- Anthony got up early one morning to go to the gym and I was still asleep. Apparently Ethan heard him leave, climbed out of his bed and opened the locked door, it didn’t shut behind him so I didn’t hear. Anthony came back yelling for me to help him find Ethan. Dazed and confused I stumbled out of bed and heard Ethan running back into our condo completely naked. I walked down the hall to figure out where his diaper was and there it was neatly sitting in front of someone’s door filled with poo, with his blanket and binky nearby. That would have been a nice surprise for someone. Needless to say we propped chairs in front of the door before going to bed.

We went to the everglades holiday park and took an airboat tour through the everglades and saw alligators. Ethan got to hold a baby alligator. And of course had to hit the sawgrass mills mall for 5 hours of shopping. I could have gone a lot longer but Ethan was having a meltdown. Despite the hurricane threats, it turned out to be an awesome vacation. Just wish it were longer! Just before we left we took Ethan on a train ride in KY. You can view more pics at http://carianthonyosborne.shutterfly.com/


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