Wow time flies. The boys are getting so big. Ethan’s getting to be such a little man. I can’t believe he’s almost two! Joshua is coming up on 6 months, it’s amazing. His new favorite thing is to stick his pointy little tongue out and to suck on his bottom lip. He rolls all over the place and jabbers away (has even managed to reach down and undo his diaper a few times). Ethan loves his brother so much. Every morning he makes the sign for baby, slides down the stairs and gives Joshua a kiss. He’s so sweet. He’s still a complete and total daddy’s boy. I think it’s getting worse too. I swear every 5 seconds from the moment he wakes up until Anthony walks in the door he says “dada, dada”. It’s getting kind of annoying πŸ˜‰ It was really cute the other day though, we met Anthony at his work for lunch and on the way home I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Ethan was asleep. A few seconds later I hear him whisper “dada”! It was the cutest thing, asking for his daddy even in his sleep.

Well the big change around here is Anthony got called to be the new bishop of our ward. It was a complete surprise and shock to us both. We’ve only been here a little over a year and only have 2 years left, but I guess this was what we both needed to be pushed out of our comfort zones (way out!) and raise the bar. I’ve only been primary president for a month or so now, but I won’t complain about getting a less time-consuming calling. Miracle of miracles though, last Sunday- when he was set apart, Ethan fell asleep on the way to church and slept through sacrament meeting for the first time ever! I hope that becomes a new trend!

We’re getting ready to take our trip to Florida in a few weeks and are getting excited. Anyway, I’ve posted some new pics of the boys at http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8CZsmjRy3cMJM&notag=1 Oh and if you want to be notified when I create a new post- enter your email address at the top of the page.


7 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-changes…”

  1. They are so cute!! Wow, that is an amazing, exciting, yet overwhelming new change. I thought it was going to be another baby, I don’t know, that might be easier, just kidding. He will be great!! I wish we lived close so you could take Isabelle’s pictures, it sucks so bad not to have a photographer close by.

  2. no surprise here – Will was always saying that he would be bishop someday- he always talked about how awesome he is. Maybe since the Lord called him to be bishop that means he will not deploy any time soon! Good luck with that! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

  3. Wow, Bishop! I’ve always wondered why people congratulate you on a calling, as if you lobbied for it or something. Perhaps the better thing to say is I’ll be praying for you! πŸ™‚ By the way, I love the toilet picture, no surprise there!

  4. Gotta love the toilet picture! I still can’t believe Anthony is Bishop. Cazy day! I was going to tell you I ran into a girl who attends the Radcliff ward and she had mentioned that there was a new bishop and that she really liked him. I knew right away who she was talking about:) Hope you’re having fun on your trip!

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