New family pic’s

On Saturday my friend Amber and I did a family photo shoot. It was miserably hot and humid we were sweating like pigs, the locusts were dive bombing us the entire time, and Ethan was trying to jump in the water…but we did manage to get a few cute shots (even if we couldn’t get the kids to smile).

Ethan’s growing up so fast. He’s finally starting to talk (favorite words are cheese, milk, and Joshua). He loves his brother and gets so excited when he wakes up in the morning- he runs down and jumps around then hugs him. Unfortunately his big head usually ends up hitting the baby’s and then Joshua cries. But hey, at least he tries to be loving… I’ve been trying to introduce him to the potty since he’s a year and a half old now. It only took one try to figure out if he peed he’d get a candy, so now he does a few drops, reaches for the candy, a few more drops, reaches for more candy, and so on until he weasels out at least 4 little candies. Such a little stinker. We took him to a park with ducks today and he was so excited he ran around for probably 15 minutes straight chasing the ducks all around and saying “quack quack” and squealing. The poor ducks.

Joshua still sleeps through the night and is our little angel baby. He’s finally starting to learn to scream when Ethan gets near. He smiles, laughs and squeals anytime you smile at him, it’s so cute. He loves to laugh at Ethan too. It’s so nice to have such a calm laid back baby since Ethan is such a wild thing.


9 thoughts on “New family pic’s”

  1. cute! I can’t believe how big your little guys are! I wish you lived close by me so you could take pics for us!

  2. Wow your baby is gettng big! It goes by so fast. You are brave to start Ethan potty training. Having been through it twice I am NOT looking forward to it with Asher.

  3. So cute! they sure are getting big! You guys need to move out here to Houston, Izzy needs some friends and you need civilization!! I need friends too!!

  4. love the pictures- my email is not working today so… I will just tell you this through here- If you want more information on the primary activity let me know- they had stickers that said all the quotes from the scriptures and cute ideas for snacks too, the kids had “fruit of rightousness, and drank water of Mormon” Good luck with your calling!!!

  5. Cute pictures.:) I love the one of Anthony and Ethan. You made the picture look tons better than the original. You’re just too talented.

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